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humanityprosperswhen people andgoods move


A generational transformation is underway, reassembling the building blocks of the economy of movement

A market-led energy transition

What was once an ideological stance has become common business sense: market forces are driving a seismic shift away from fossil fuel propulsion.

Demand for decarbonized transportation – nudged by regulatory tailwinds – is accelerating innovation across new vehicle platforms and the materials, silicon and software needed to power and commercialize them at scale.

The digitization of physical industry

The value chains of automotive, transportation & logistics are marked by analog processes, data-poor environments, and information asymmetries.

Software, data and connectivity introduce unprecedented efficiency and scalability to industries of steel and grease, bricks-and-mortar, pen-and-paper.

We are early stage venture investors obsessed with the future of people and goods in motion.
To those of you who daydream of a cleaner, safer, more mobile, and more efficient world – you can skip the first five slides of your deck with us – we’re not tourists to the big questions of mobility, and have already rolled up our sleeves to help you make your dent.

“When there is a certain fleet, supplier, or customer we are trying to get in touch with, Maniv is always the first call we make. The experience borne of their singular focus and depth in mobility investing makes it feel like they have been in the trenches alongside us at EV startups for many years.”

John Henry Harris

Co-Founder and CEO at Harbinger

"Hailo’s technology has applications across a wide range of industries; when it comes to automotive and mobility we couldn't have a better partner than Maniv. Their network of experts and leaders across the transportation ecosystem unlocks untold value for our company on an ongoing basis."

Orr Danon

Co-Founder and CEO at Hailo

"Maniv is the lead investor every founder needs. They bring a passion and vision to board conversations that has helped Revel through many tough decisions and their deep network of investors and industry relationships has been invaluable to Revel’s growth and success."

Frank Reig

Co-Founder and CEO at Revel